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Summer Motorcycle Gloves

Tour Master Summer Elite 3 Men's Street Racing Motorcycle Gloves Large
  • Supple, protective, perforated nappa goatskin leather backhand with breathable stretch...
  • Breathable air mesh top panel provides added ventilation and flexibility
  • Durable nappa goatskin leather palm, with light EVA foam padding to reduce shock and...
  • Touchscreen compatible conductive goatskin leather on thumb and index finger

Buyer's Guide: Summer Motorcycle Gloves

Summer Motorcycle Gloves - What You Need to Know

There are plenty of different styles and types of summer motorcycle gloves available to any biker or motorcycle rider. These are all important for the safety of your hands and wrists. In addition, many of them will come in a variety of prices and features as well. The most important thing to keep in mind when buying your gloves is that they are designed to keep your hands from becoming injured in case of an accident. Many of the most popular brands of summer gloves are made of insulated leather and mesh to help protect your hands. You'll find that the better quality winter gloves come with tons of features, which are all geared toward keeping you safe.

Summer Motorcycle Gloves will range on different levels of abrasion resistance, with some offering carbon fiber wrapped fingertips, others built of basic leather with some added stretch. Both kinds of abrasion-resistant gloves will offer breathable liners, which will help keep the perspiration out. They will also be of varying degrees of flexibility. Some are made of a thicker, abrasion-resistant material that will offer great protection. Other kinds of summer gloves offer very flexible liners, which will be less likely to rip or tear. Regardless, most of the more advanced gloves have liners and will stretch nicely to fit the hand.

One kind of glove that is not actually a glove is called a sand-proof glove. It fits over the entire hand and has a wrist strap to help support the thumb while offering protection from the sand. Because of its name, it is mostly used in off-road situations. These kinds of gloves are great if you want to avoid getting bit by bug spray or have to get through streams of running water. Some styles are made of mesh to help protect the fingers from rocks, gravel, and other things that might be lying on the road. They are usually available in several colors and can easily be machine washed with any ordinary laundry detergent.

Another type of summer glove is made by Alpinestars. These are made with a thick fabric and are waterproof but offer no protection against falls or the elements. These kinds of gloves should only be worn for short periods of time because they are at risk for tearing and abrasions. Because of this, Alpinestars are usually only purchased by experienced riders who are confident that they will wear them long enough to make many successful rides.

Alpinestars can be either full-fingered or half-fingered. If you only need the full-fingered version for your summer rides, you should look for a pair that features rubber padding with the Alpinestars. This will help to cushion the fingers as you apply pressure on the keys. If you plan on wearing a pair of these gloves for any longer than a few hours at a time, it is usually best to purchase a pair that features scaphoid reinforcement along the knuckle and on the sides of the fingers.

Mesh gloves are popular in warmer climates because they keep hands comfortable and dry in warm weather. Mesh also helps ensure a more secure fit, especially if you are planning to wear a full-fingered version. A full-fingered glove has a molded liner that fits over the entire hand, while the half-fingered version has a flap at the top of the fingers which can help prevent the mesh from coming loose during vigorous use. If you purchase a mesh summer glove with an attached zipper, make sure that it has a snap and uses a high-quality zipper. A zipper that is poorly constructed or that does not close properly will allow moisture and dirt to get inside the glove and irritate the skin.

Many new motorcycle riders prefer handlebars over the thumb area of their hands. Although this looks more "motorcycle" in appearance, it is actually more convenient for many riders. Handlebars come with padded grips, which make gripping the handlebars much easier than traditional hand grips. In addition, handlebars with levers give bikers a lower-profile look, which can make it easier to fit through tighter bike parking situations. In order to protect your hands from road burn and wind, motorcycle gloves with hard plastic tips on the edge are the best option.

The last major protection feature that many motorcyclists look for when shopping for gloves is padding. Although most bikers recognize the need for padding on the palms and forearms, many riders neglect the forearms, which may experience a lot of vibration during rides. Padding on the forearms keeps the skin of these important appendages protected, allowing bikers to continue on their journey without concern for cuts, scrapes, or any other skin irritation issues.