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Tire Pressure Gauges

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A tire-pressure gauge is a tool used to measure the exact pressure of tires in a vehicle. This tool is often incorporated into a car's dashboard computer system, as well as in a hand-held device such as a tape gun. The purpose of this tool is to indicate any changes in pressure when the car is stopped abruptly. Most cars come with tire-pressure gauges that are easy to read. Some gauges have extra features, such as multiple display zones, timer settings and auto inflation. You can use a tire pressure gauge to find out whether the tires need to be inflated or not.

All tire pressure gauges are designed to work in the same way. There are basically three types of tire gauges - those that require batteries, those that require an adapter and those that run on an electric motor. The first two are the most common. Those that require batteries are often more expensive, but they have greater portability and can even be used in tow vehicles. The adapter and the motorized tire gauges are less portable, but allow you to use them at any location.

There are two major types of tire pressure gauges - the rotary screw and the needle valve. The rotary screw tire pressure gauge has a screw thread and a needle valve - just like the automobile air pump. It usually has a housing to protect it from the sides of the compartment. If you need a spare, this type would be the best choice.

The needle valve tire pressure gauges are designed for people who like to control how much air pressure their tires are holding. The needles indicate the pressure by incorporating a spring, which creates an electric current. There are digital tire pressure gauges that have an LCD screen and digital needle gauges. These gauges can be found for under $100. Some of these gauges are found in recreational vehicles, trucks, cars, and boats.

The most popular tire pressure gauges are the pressure release and the tire pressure gauges. A tire pressure release is used for cars, trucks, and motorcycles. This gauge allows the driver to release or inflate the tire. This is a simple screw on switch. The tire pressure gauges with an air release feature requires a longer needle than the other type.

Digital tire pressure gauges are the best tire pressure gauge as they are accurate and easy to read. The features include auto counting, timer, automatic data loggers, temperature and pressure control. The digital lcd displays are easy to read and have a back light so you can see when the display is off. The digital lcd gauges are found for under hundred dollars.

Tire Pressure Gauges can also be found with battery packs. Many of the digital gauges require batteries for operation. Most of the stick gauges do not need any batteries for operation. The battery pack is for starting and operating the device. If you decide to use the stick gauges without the battery pack make sure to remove them prior to starting the vehicle and make sure there is no one around you that can turn the ignition on. You do not want to start your car only to find out your tire pressure gauges are dead.

Tire Pressure Gauges are an essential tool for your maintenance. They will tell you if the tires need to be inflamed or deflated. They will also tell you how much pressure is in the tire. It's important to use the correct amount of pressure to provide the safest ride possible. Make sure to choose the right pressure for the type of vehicle you drive and the conditions you will be driving in.