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Tire Shine

Meguiar's G7516 Endurance Tire Gel - 16 oz. – Premium Tire Gel for a Lasting Glossy Shine
  • LONG-LASTING: Advanced formula endures even through washing and rain
  • CLEAN APPLICATION: Rich gel allows you to coat your tires evenly with no overspray, runs...
  • KEEP YOUR TIRES LOOKING LIKE NEW: Protects against UV damage and browning
  • MAINTAIN A RICH BLACK: Advanced polymers provide lasting protection to keep your tires...
  • PERFECT YOUR CAR’S LOOK: It’s the final, crucial step in detailing. Our tire gel gives...

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Tire shine is an often-overlooked process that many drivers overlook when caring for their tires. After all, isn't washing your car a perfectly good reason to purchase these expensive vehicles? Actually, there are several reasons why you should wash your tires in addition to making sure they're properly maintained.

One of the primary benefits of ensuring that your tires are properly maintained is the likelihood of minimal sidewall damage. As a general rule, you should always buy new tires. However, if you find that the wear on your current tires is more than 10 percent below the current performance level, it may be time to consider a tire-shine treatment. As a quick spray, it usually falls victim to the possibility of overspray, but sidewall damage can still occur, and if it does, tire shine sprays can help prevent cracking.

A quick word of advice: You should never apply any type of cleaner to your tires unless you have fully removed them before you begin working. If you've already got them cleaned, don't bother applying any additional treatments or you could end up with a "foggy" appearance. Fogging will only make your tires look like they need a full coating. And while we're on the subject of looks...a properly maintained set of tires will always be one of the best looking ones on the road. A quick coat of tire shine will do just fine.

To ensure proper cleaning, a good tire shine will work best on newer vehicles with clean white paint. Be sure to avoid waxes and acrylics, as they will block the sunlight and interfere with your seeing properly. In fact, many people don't even apply any wax to their tires anymore.

A good tire shine tire treatment consists of a high-shine finish. This provides maximum protection, but is also the fastest method to remove the film. To use an auto body shop's shine tire remover, follow the instructions carefully. It's important to note that this method only works on clear uv rays - any colored film will not be affected. If you still get cloudy images, return to your body shop for another solution.

What about the car guys' tire shine spray? Some people still wonder how that stuff really works. The answer isn't all that complicated. Like a lot of car guys do, most professionals use high-pressure foam to apply the film. The foam penetrates deep down into the tread, which means that there's no direct contact with the surface. It also means that the film will stay on longer, allowing you to enjoy your new look for as long as you'd like.

As for what you should use it on? Like most of the other car wash products out there, the tire shine product works well on almost any type of car. However, if you have special colors (like black or gray) in your tires, it may not work as well. Special colors require a different process than regular tires. Most car wash professionals also recommend that you avoid using the product near an exterior sunroof, since UV rays can still cause discoloration even after the film has been removed.

There are many tire shine products available. They can be found at car wash conventions, or you can buy them over the counter at specialty shops. They're relatively inexpensive compared to traditional repairs, so even if you choose to go with a professional installation this summer, you can save money on the replacement tires. You can always reapply the film later, if you need to.

How do you apply the tire shine product? While it's much easier to stick the stuff to your tires with a pair of nail clippers, it's still a bit of a hassle. First, you need to take your car to a dealership or auto body shop to get it applied. Once the job is done, you can use your own homemade DIY spray. You simply spray the product all over the car, and then wait a day or so. Most of the time, the film will peel right off.

How do you remove the tire shine? To remove it, you just need to wipe it off. To do this, you need to first wet the area with a clean, damp cloth. Then use the high-gloss shine spray and wipe the area until it's clean and dry. If you do get some excess residue on your wheels, you can always use the high-gloss shine spray again to remove it. Just make sure to wipe the area dry before putting your wheels back on.

How do you protect your investment? These homemade products are extremely easy to make at home, and they don't cost a whole lot. Compared to professional automotive polishes, they're a heck of a lot cheaper! Another great thing about homemade cleaners is that you don't have to worry about getting sick from them. Unlike polish, which you have to drink to get, these cleaners are generally made from materials that are safe to eat. This way, you can use them for years to come!