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Tires For Boat Trailer

Carlisle Sport Trail LH Bias Trailer Tire - 4.80-12 LRC
  • Designed for trailers used for construction, utility, agriculture,...
  • Compatible with popular boat trailer brands such as Alumacraft, Continental, Crestliner,...
  • Compatible with popular utility and cargo trailer brands such as Big Tex, Carry-On, E-Z...
  • Refer to your existing tire sidewall and/or trailer owner's manual to determine the...
  • This is a tire only. Wheel is not included

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Tips To Find The Best Boat Trailer Tires

As with any vehicle or boat, there comes a point where you need to replace your boat trailer tires for a newer, better set. It is vital that you replace your tires not only to improve your maneuverability on the road but also to make sure you have enough traction in wet conditions. All of that wear that you've accumulated over the years from driving, being exposed to the elements, rough use, and the others will all lead to the need for new boat trailer tires. The following tips will help you choose the right ones.

First off, find out the gross combined weight of your trailer. This number tells you the weight of all the objects that are being towed, both in front and behind the trailer. It's important to include the weight of any additional equipment such as fishing gear or skis. Your gross trailer weight, combined with the weight of the objects that are in your trailer, will give you an idea of what size of tires you need. Most manufacturers recommend that you get a specific amount of tread that is adequate for the size of the trailer. In order to ensure that you get the proper weight, you will have to get the necessary measurements of your trailer.

Next, find out the maximum weight that your trailers max load capacity is. You should be able to determine this through the manufacturer's manual, which should come with your boat. There is always a recommended maximum load capacity, but it's always a good idea to double check with your local boating store as well. This is especially true if your trailer is being used for an extended distance.

After you have found the maximum boat trailer tires that you should purchase, it's time to start shopping. There are literally hundreds of different types and sizes of trailers on the market today. To make the process of purchasing the right one a bit easier, we have listed a few tips below. Just keep in mind that your situation will be different from the ones listed here. Take care of those and you should be fine.

There are three major types of boat trailer tires that you can purchase. You will need to know the size of the tire to get the correct pressure. The other two are either interlocking or solid. Typically, the bigger the tire you get, the stronger it will be; however, keep in mind that you will pay more for larger rims as well.

Once you have found the tires that you need, you can begin shopping around for the right price. Tire prices vary quite a bit, depending on the store you purchase them at and even the year of the boat. Keep in mind that the best prices on tires are often offered in early spring, while most dealers want to sell off as many of their old stock as possible before the summer comes. This means that you may have to wait a while to find a decent price on new tires; however, you should be able to find some bargains if you shop around.

When purchasing your trailer tires, you will also need to purchase a suitable wrench set. Some people think that this is simply a set of sockets with a socket wrench for each wheel, but this is not the case. These replacement parts include air valves and air lines, which will allow you to change the pressure of the tire by yourself (if you have the proper parts). Before you purchase your tires, ask to see a list of the required items. This will help you find the right tire for your vehicle. Also, it may list the pressure of the tires, which is helpful.

One way that you can save money when buying boat trailer tires is to buy them used. If a trailer tire is used, it may still be covered by the owner's warranty, which can help you get a good price on the new tires. However, you should be sure to check the original warranty, which should still be on the tire, to ensure that the same problem doesn't occur after you purchase it. In this way, you will be buying from a reputable dealer and it will be much easier for you to get your money's worth with your new tires.