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Tires For Travel Trailer

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Buyer's Guide: Tires For Travel Trailer

Tires For Travel Trailers - A Buyer's Guide

You can easily change your own Tires for Travel Trailers with a simple process and in only a few steps. If you are not mechanically inclined, then this may sound like an easy task. However, changing the inner tube, wheel bearings, brake Cali, and pressure bolts of your own RV tires can be a very time-consuming task for someone who does not have much mechanical experience.

First, determine what size tires you will need for your travel trailer. This will depend on your particular make and model of RV. For example, a 4 wheel drive type of RV will require different tire sizes than a family style camper or sedan. Next, find a dealer who sells tires for RVs. These dealers are usually the ones that specialize in selling tires for light trucks.

The next step is to order the tires. Make sure you are ordering a good amount, more than you think you'll need. Many online tire stores allow you to buy a certain amount of each size, regardless of how many passengers your trailer is carrying. Once your order is placed, it should arrive in plenty of time for your road trip. Be sure and check the dimensions of the tire. Sometimes, you will find that the advertised tire size is not the true size that is installed on the tire.

It's important to understand that tires, particularly for travel trailers, are not the same as car tires. There are several different types of air pressure, speed ratings, and other specifications that are necessary for the proper functioning of the brakes, transmission, and other components of your RV. A good dealer will make every effort to discuss these important topics with you so that you are fully aware of the necessary adjustments needed.

Good tires also fit your budget. It is recommended that you purchase good, solid tires for your travel trailer. These load-bearing wheels will give your RV the ability to drive over rough terrain while providing you with a sense of security as you traverse on-road surfaces. Not only do good solid rv tires give you the ability to drive, but they will also protect your vehicle from damage should something happen. Good rv tires fit your budget because they cost less than similar models that may not offer the same performance characteristics.

As you look for tires for your RV, you will notice that there are two major tire manufacturers in North America. These are Goodyear and Bridgestone. If you live in a colder climate where winter temperatures can reach 35 degrees Fahrenheit, you should purchase a winter tire. These types of winter tires have larger treads and deeper grooves to deal with the extra weight that is put forward during winter driving. However, if you live in a warm and sunny region, you may want to purchase summer tires which are usually made with a tread that has shallower tread and a narrower grooved surface to handle a reduced load.

In addition to the size and type of tires, you will need to think about speed ratings. There are four speeds on most recreational vehicles. Most people purchase a vehicle with the maximum speed rating that their vehicle will comfortably handle. The speed rating of the tires will be determined by the manufacturer, but you should know that the higher the speed rating, the faster your vehicle will move.

Probably one of the most important considerations when purchasing tires for your recreational vehicle is to make sure that you get a set with adequate tread. This will help prevent you from going flat out whenever you take care of your trailer. Never purchase an airless tire because they do not allow moisture to get to the underside of the trailer. They also make it more difficult to clean and sometimes they are not even guaranteed for winter use. Make sure to check the manufacturer's information because it is typically more accurate.