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Tires For Vw

Hankook Optimo H426 All-Season Tire - 195/65R15 89S
  • Solid center rib aids in light handling responsiveness, comfort and rolling feel
  • High angle diagonal grooves channel water from the center
  • Interlocking solid shoulder rib maintains flexibility for traction, yet stable for...
  • Long interlocking intermediate buttons provide stability for improved stopping distance...
  • High kerf denity across tread adds cutting edges for winter

Buyer's Guide: Tires For Vw

Tips for Buying Car Tires For VW

Most manufacturers indicate the maximum tire pressure they will support for each vehicle during the manufacturer's recommended service and most aftermarket tires are measured according to this specification. When comparing specifications for any tire, make sure you know what the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Tire (MSR) pressure is. Some aftermarket products may be marked as having a higher pressure than what is indicated by the MSR. The MSR is usually set for a maximum pressure of 15 PSI.

Another way to compare performance is to look at the tire's contact patch. This is the portion of the tire that touches the ground. It should be relatively smooth, as ill fit or worn tread can cause contact patches that are uneven. Some manufacturers recommend a wider width of a contact patch than others. The eight best tires for the SUV include Continental, Michelin, Goodyear and Pirelli.

New winter contact treads for the VW Passat are made of diamond plate. Diamond plate is stronger than regular steel, enabling it to stand up to heavier loads. The winter contact patches of these tires are typically black. The winter performance of the tires is improved over the stock tire. However, the performance of alloys is superior to that of any rubber. A more aggressive tread design is recommended for SUV tires in the snow.

Four season tires for the VW Passat are recommended. They are built to withstand considerable driving pressure and are designed with a specific tread pattern. Four season tires are a popular choice for all weather tires.

All four season tires for the VW Passat are built with a dual layer tread pattern. They use low profile, gravity-mounted, high performance steel single pivot components. The inner edge is reinforced with steel for maximum strength and to resist the heaviest loads. The outsole has reinforced nylon outer edge for enhanced grip.

Passat wagon tires are available in two different options - all season and all wheel. All season tires have increased tread depth and are built to withstand driving in all weather conditions. They have steel lug patterns and aluminum outseats. The all wheel tires offer variable speed control and anodized steel lug patterns to meet your driving needs.

The all season tire has the same tread and the same width, but it has narrower center section and greater all-season tire sidewall wear. The all wheel design improves off road performance and offers superb value. The regular all season tire design has deeper and wider circumferential grooves. The width is decreased to improve fuel consumption and noise levels while adding strength. The winter and snow tires have deeper and narrower circumferential grooves to provide improved snow and highway grip power.

New for 2021, the new All Terrain Bullbar temporary spare tire also improves off road performance, traction, mileage and longevity. The bull bar adds significant traction to a stock bumper. Available in black with orange accents, the all Terrain Bullbar treads come with a universal fit and a one-year warranty.

Designed to work with your Volkswagen engine, the Volkswagen Tire Rack offers superior strength and puncture resistance. The Tire Rack comes with both the front and rear bumper. The Tire Rack provides a mounting kit with an OEM style universal tire carrier. The Tire Rack also includes heavy duty locking winches, mounting hardware and an aluminum die-cast metal frame.

Four by Design's new Spyder Flip Tires are designed for both passenger and light trucks. With two tread designs, the Spyder Flip Tires work well in either snow or rain conditions. The two different tire designs include a Tall design and a Curved design. The built-in rubber seal prevents water from seeping between the treads and providing excellent treading and wearing characteristics.

The final four by Design tire for VW owners are the Volkswagen Winter Tire and Volkswagen All Season Tire. With superb winter traction, excellent braking and amazing overall performance, these are the perfect combination for any driver. The Winter Tire is designed for wet and snow conditions and is able to better withstand power deceleration and cornering in very cold temperatures. The All Season Tire is created with advanced technology for superior braking performance and overall performance. It has an optimized tread design and is able to better grip the road in all kinds of weather conditions including snow, ice and rain.

When it comes to purchasing high performance tires for VW, you want to make sure that you are purchasing the right products. There are many quality manufactures such as Pirelli, Dunlop, Michelin and others that offer rugged and dependable tires. The first thing you want to do before you buy any kind of winter tire is to check the manufacturer's warranty to ensure that you get the best possible product for your vehicle. The last thing you want to do is purchase a set of tires, only to find out that they do not have the right kind of warranty left on them. Be sure to purchase a set that includes the right size of tire and one that is manufactured by a well known manufacturer that has a solid reputation for making high quality products.