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Trickle Chargers

Battery Tender Junior 12V, 750mA Battery Charger and Maintainer: Automatic Powersports Battery...
  • STAY CHARGED: Provides a full charge to your vehicle’s battery before switching to float...
  • EXTEND BATTERY LIFE: Compatible with all 12V lead-acid, flooded, AGM, and gel cell...
  • INCLUDES: 12V, 750mA battery charger, fused ring terminal and alligator clip accessory...
  • EASY TO USE: Low maintenance design is quick and easy to use, this universal powersport...

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Trickle Chargers are a safe and reliable way to recharge those important cell phone batteries. There are many different types of battery chargers available for different models and makes of vehicles. There are trickle-charging devices for vehicles, and car and boat batteries, marine batteries, golf cart batteries, even notebook batteries! With a wide range of different choices, it's easy to find the right charger to help save time and money when it comes to charging your batteries at home. Here's what you need to know about trickle charging your batteries.

Trickle chargers aren't particularly new, but they have been recently revitalized by companies that specialize in the product. These handy little products are especially helpful if you own an older vehicle, a weak or outdated battery, or simply want peace of mind when charging your batteries. These products will work with almost any type of battery and can even be used with your car's cigarette lighter. As long as your battery is fully charged and at room temperature, there is virtually no risk of overcharging. In fact, you may actually run your batteries longer before needing to replace them because you saved so much energy by avoiding rapid charging. This is especially useful if you tend to leave your car or truck plugged in, especially if it's in a hot area.

Another benefit of trickle chargers is that they will work to charge your batteries even if your vehicle isn't at maximum operating temperature. This is because the unit monitors your battery conditioners and changes the charge rate to match. So, not only will your batteries be charged more slowly, they'll be fully charged without risking overheating. This is particularly helpful if you often leave your vehicle plugged in, especially if it's hot outside.

These handy products also reduce the risk of shock if a power surge occurs while you're charging. Studies show that the smallest voltage spike can lead to a shock. This is because the electrical current used to power a trickle charger is much lower than what is used to power a large power surge. Therefore, if you plug in your car or jump from laptop to laptop, you can rest assured that your battery charging will be safe. Also, if left connected, the power supplied by your charger will be much safer than that provided by a car battery charger cord.

Finally, there are a number of benefits to trickle chargers that go beyond saving you money. For example, by keeping your battery charged at a low rate, you can extend the life of your battery. This is because the energy used to charge your battery is spread out over a much larger span of time than it would be if you charged your battery at full capacity. This means that your battery will have a longer life, which will save you money over the course of several charging cycles.

Now that we've defined the benefits of trickle chargers, let's talk about why they're less expensive than some of the other types of battery charging systems on the market. To start with, they are considerably less expensive than your average industrial battery charger. Furthermore, they are smaller and less obtrusive since they don't have the fan that larger units do. Smaller units also use a lower amount of electricity, which also saves you money. Finally, they take up less space because they're just smaller versions of industrial charger units.

Trickle chargers do their job very well. But they're not perfect. There are a few things that they can do that your vehicle may not be able to handle. If you find that your vehicle battery is getting too hot while it charges, this can be resolved with water being added to the system. If you drain your vehicle's charge at a high rate, your vehicle's alternator may not be able to keep up. Again, water can resolve this.

Trickle chargers can help you save money. You'll pay less for your replacement automobile battery. You'll also save money on the cost of repairs and battery maintenance. It doesn't matter how you use your car. Whether you charge at a fast or slow rate, your car will still benefit from trickle charging amperage. The extra money you'll spend on these batteries pays off in the long run.