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Truck Bed Coatings

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Truck Bed Coatings are used to protect the bed from damage caused by heavy loads. There are many choices when it comes to shielding your truck's bed, but new coatings have just one major advantage: they form a strong, flexible second skin behind the original surface, delivering excellent protection even to those nooks and crannies that otherwise would prove too difficult for paint to cover. Unlike paint, which needs to be removed and repainted every few years, tonneau covers need only be cleaned and lubricated to stay looking good. Here's how you keep your Tonneau Covers looking like new.

Dry spraying is the most common type of truck bed coating and works on almost all makes and models. The product is sprayed directly onto the truck bed, using a gun-like apparatus. A continuous, even spray is produced, and will cover the whole bed from end to end, even at the sides as well as in the middle.

The primary advantage of dry spraying is that it is very economical, using very little paint to cover an extensive area. This means that more tonneau covers can be made at the same time, saving you money over expensive custom-made tonneau covers. Dry sprayed truck bed coatings are also simple to apply, with the surface being prepared by wiping or spraying them directly onto the vehicle's surface.

Another advantage of dry sprayed truck bed coatings is their flexibility. Various shapes and designs can be produced, and different textures and colors can be applied. One of the most common styles is a flat black polyethylene coating that provides a solid, forbidding appearance. Another popular style is a textured black metal that features waves along its surface. These two designs are among the most successful in deterring corrosion.

Sprayable liquid coating is another option that can be used on trucks. In contrast to the dry-spray process, spray liner involves spraying a thin, protective coating into the desired location. After it is sprayed, a high-pressure stream of water is used to quickly dry the coating. In order to avoid damaging the surface, regular coats of water-based liquids are used to remove any excess residue from the coating. Some manufacturers offer a line of products specifically for spray liners, allowing homeowners to save money on an already inexpensive coating.

High-performance spray guns are also an effective spray bed coating option. These guns, which look similar to the guns used to spray paint, produce an even, thick coating that is applied with precision. Not only does spray gun coating provide a superior finish, it is also environmentally safe and can easily reach all areas of a truck bed. To ensure a proper application, use a spray gun that provides a high spray volume and coverage. For best results, spraying truck bed coatings with high-performance spray guns should be left until the required heat level has been reached. This ensures that the coating will be completely dry before beginning the next step.

A third alternative that is gaining popularity in the spray-on truck bed coating industry is wet-vacuum coating. This option is less expensive than spray-on coatings, but it is still quite expensive. In fact, many manufacturers suggest that it is best to use a high-performance spray gun in wet-vacuum applications to prevent any contamination or bubbles from forming. While bubbles are less likely to form with a wet-vacuum application, they are possible if a small amount of water or other contaminants remain in the spray. If this is the case, the air should be circulated during the spray to remove any residual water.

Many truck owners prefer liner overlay over traditional paint because it provides a more customized look to their trucks. By adding a full liner to your truck bed, you can get a liner that matches the color of your truck bed paint and provide maximum protection for your cargo. You can choose from a variety of different paints, including epoxy, paint-over, or fiberglass. Fiberglass truck bed liners are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and provide added strength and stability. The fiberglass component of the liner works with your truck's body to add a custom look. Many truck owners choose this option over others because it looks better, lasts longer, and is easier to install.