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Vehicle Tracking Devices

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If your company invests a significant amount of money into its fleet, it is imperative that you invest in the technology used to track your vehicles. That doesn't mean, however, that you necessarily need to spend hundreds of dollars on GPS tracking systems and car alarm systems. You may find that there are systems available at affordable rates that will deliver all of the functionality you need for much less. Let's look at some of the most affordable vehicle tracking devices currently on the market.

The best vehicle tracking devices add more to the picture than just location awareness. By combining the best car tracking software with the most cutting-edge tracking devices, they truly make an impression on the way you work your business. With compatible cell phones, they can also be used to monitor your employees as well. Teamed up with today's most cutting-edge vehicle tracking applications, they help make your business move forward by reducing costs and increasing productivity. So what are some of the most affordable GPS location tracking devices available? Let's take a look.

A number of vehicle tracking devices are available in real-time or stand-alone. They have many of the same features and functions as their more expensive cousins, including GPS system integration, remote monitoring, voice activation, push notification, etc. However, real-time devices are designed to get your business moving quickly. They are quick to respond, can alert you to problems and issues so that you can address them quickly, and they are ideal for businesses that are especially mobile or who tend to move from location to location quite frequently. There is no need to hire extra staff to deal with problems that arise while you are away from the office, and real-time tracking is ideal for businesses that provide mobile customer service to a lot of locations.

The stand-alone vehicle tracking devices are just as easy to use as the more expensive versions. They require the user to input data such as the vehicle identification number (VIN) or EIN (Employer Identification Number), and the system will then generate a detailed report of the vehicle's movements. Some of the more advanced systems allow for data to be downloaded directly to your laptop or personal computer. The advantage of the software is that you can view the reports at any time, and you can export data as needed for analysis.

If you want a vehicle tracking device with even more features and capabilities, then look for the Navixy GPS tracking system. This advanced system uses a proprietary interface and it allows you to view and track your vehicles in real time. One of the best features is the ability to view the status of all your vehicles, both fixed and mobile, at one time. Another great feature is supplier rating that allows you to view the supplier rating of every individual vehicle and the status of its fleet.

The real-time vehicle tracking devices also have an application that allows you to view the position of your vehicles in relation to other vehicles on the road. It is possible to view the distance between two vehicles, the speed of a vehicle, the direction it is traveling, and even the number of turns it has made. You can view your fleet's routes on a map, and you can select which vehicles need to be driven to keep your fleet moving efficiently. The navigation system calculates the optimum routes for each vehicle and the real-time GPS location of each vehicle in the fleet, as well as of the goods or cargo in transit.

As you can see, there are many benefits of using a GPS vehicle tracking system, which is why so many companies are choosing to implement these modern vehicle tracking devices in their fleets. Of course, the GPS tracking system isn't perfect and it isn't designed to replace human drivers. The GPS vehicle tracking devices, however, do save you valuable time and money, because you will know where your assets (and assets of your competitors) are at all times. This information allows you to better control your company's operations and make more informed decisions about your investments and your employees' activities.

Another benefit of the GPS trackers being used by your company is that you can keep tabs on your company's vehicles even if they are out of service. By having a tracker installed, you can monitor how many of your company's vehicles are in working order, how long they are out of service, how often maintenance problems occur, how often vehicles are stolen, and what measures you are taking to prevent theft in the first place. You can also keep tabs on your drivers, especially if you employ drivers with criminal records or past accidents. If you suspect that one of your drivers is using company vehicles to run personal errands, you can find out through the GPS trackers installed in these vehicles.