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Windshield Repair Kits

Permatex 09103 Windshield Repair Kit
  • Make permanent air-tight repairs of bullseye damage up to 1 1/4" on most laminated...
  • Professional quality repairs with no mixing required
  • Complete kit provides everything needed for the repair including easy-to-follow...
  • Repair should be made in shaded area with the windshield temperature between 50°F and...

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Car Windshield Repair kits are an excellent idea. If your car windshield was cracked badly by a stone, you do not need to completely replace your windshield. Instead, you can repair it in a fraction of the cost that you would pay if you were to call your auto insurance company or if your auto insurance agent was to order you to a cheap windshield repairman. Repairing your windshield will only take you a matter of minutes and will not cost you a fortune. You will save money and time by doing it yourself instead of calling the auto insurance agency and paying them a fortune.

Car Windshield Repair Kits are very handy and convenient as they come with everything that you need to repair your windshields. All you need are the following tools. Some of these items may already be in your garage or car storage area. If not, you will easily be able to find them without too much difficulty.

The first thing that you need to have with you is an adhesive remover. If there are cracks on your car windshields, you will want to make sure that you have an adhesive remover with you. The reason why you want to have an adhesive remover is so that you can start repairing the cracks right away. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to use a patch to patch a hole that has already popped up.

Next, you will want to buy one of the car windshield repair kits that have resin injection molded into them. These moulds are specially designed to fill in small cracks or chips that may appear on your windshields. The resin injector that comes in the kit will force air into the cracks to fill them in. Once the resin has reached the point that it has created enough pressure to completely seal the crack, you will have to remove it from the moulds and then replace it with a new mould. This is an easy process and all that is needed is to follow the directions that come with the kit.

The third item that you will need with your car windshield repair kits is the windshield chip sealer. The sealer that comes with these repair kits is not that sticky and will allow you to easily clean the windshield if there are small chips or cracks. It also allows you to make an even surface on the surface of your car window. This will help to make it much easier to repair small chips that have popped up.

The last two items that are required in your car windshield repair kits are a pair of scissors and a putty knife. The first thing that you will want to do is take out the old broken glass from inside your car window. You will also want to take out your putty knife. Once you have done this, you will want to carefully remove the old broken glass from the sides and the bottom. You will want to ensure that the putty knife is not too large so that it will not damage the glass.

After you have taken all of your materials, you will want to start removing the small chips from the sides and bottom of the window that you can see. After you have taken all of these off, the next thing that you will want to do is clean your surface with the small putty knife. After you have done this, the next thing that you will want to do is apply a small amount of silicone spray on the window cracks. This will help to give your vehicle some added strength and resistance to further cracking and damages. When your windshield repair kit provides you with some instructions, it is likely that it will also provide you with some silicone spray to use on the cracks that are not in direct line with where you are cutting.

The final step for repairing your vehicle's window is to fill in any of those cracks. To do this, you will want to use a putty knife to fill in the largest cracks that you find. You will want to make sure that the edges of this crack match up with the edges of the surrounding cracks. If you are using putty when filling in the cracks, it is very important that you work slowly and only till the entire cracked area is filled. If you have any doubts about what your kit provides you with, it is highly recommended that you consult the instructions that come with your car windshield repair kit before attempting to complete any repairs.