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Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Joe Rocket 1344-1006 Wind Chill Men's Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding Gloves (Black, XX-Large)
  • Supple drum dyed Cowhide outer; Waterproof Dry Tech midliner
  • 100G Thinsulate; Integrated high density knuckle armor
  • Leather reinforcements throughout; Vibration dissipating gel palm
  • Pre-curved ride-friendly design; Articulated Full-Flex expansion panels on fingers
  • Secure hook and loop wrist closure; Toggle and draw cord at top of cuff

Buyer's Guide: Winter Motorcycle Gloves

What to Look For in Winter Motorcycle Gloves

The purpose of winter motorcycle gloves is to provide maximum protection for your hands and forearms from the frigid temperatures and hazardous elements of the road during the winter months. Winter gloves generally implement specially designed liners and waterproofed interiors to protect your hands from the rain and cold, but often the problem with these added bulkier is that they also add bulk to an already Thin leather motorcycle chassis. This can be cumbersome and inhibit your maneuverability. Additionally, finger padding in winter gloves may prove inadequate, especially if you wear a glove inside a full-face helmet. If this is the case, you should consider some alternate measures, such as motorcycle gloves that offer built-in finger compartments.

In addition to protecting your hands, your motorcycle gloves should offer comfort as well. Cold weather can often be uncomfortable, and chafing is common when riding in the winter. A motorcycle glove's primary function, after all, should be to protect your hands and forearms from the elements and keep you comfortable. Therefore, look for a product line that provides a balanced combination of warmth and breathability to best suit your winter riding needs.

One way to keep your hands warm while riding is by investing in a pair of winter motorcycle gloves. The primary benefit of a thick glove is its added warmth. Thick leather gloves will provide greater protection against cold air than thinner ones, as the thicker leather stretches more quickly and traps body heat. They'll also protect your hands from objects that can strike them, like rocks kicked up by other bikers, and from objects that can get into your hands, such as flying dirt or dust. Thinner leathers can be prone to rubbing against your fingers or becoming snagged on sharp objects, both of which can be damaging.

Many motorcycle gloves are now available with a functional, waterproof membrane or lining. This is an important feature because many winter motorcycle gloves come equipped with only a thin layer of insulation if any at all. Most winter motorcycle gloves have a thin thermal lining. If you're going to invest in a pair with a thermal lining, make sure it's a thick, waterproof membrane that's designed to work in cold weather conditions.

One of the best features of heated gloves is the best-heated winter motorcycle gloves fit true to size. The last thing you want when riding your bike is sore hands. Winter weather can wreak havoc on your hands, even if you've invested in thick, insulated gloves. Because heated gloves are supposed to fit true to size, it's important that the glove liners are not too small or too big for your hand. If the liners are too loose or too big, the gloves won't stay in place and won't provide optimal protection.

Another feature to look for in the best winter motorcycle gloves is finger protection. Thick knuckles are the bane of anyone who spends much of their time on their bike. If the gloves include finger guards, they'll be able to provide maximum protection to your fingers while riding. You'll also want a liner that fits true to size because you don't want gloves that fit loosely or that end up rubbing your fingers raw. Make sure the finger guards are securely in place and that your fingertips aren't rubbing against the glove material.

Finally, don't overlook the importance of proper fit when it comes to gloves for motorcycle riding. In order to protect your fingers and keep them warm, your gloves must fit snugly. Make sure the padding inside the glove is big enough to comfortably fit your hand and that the seams are properly sewn together. When you take your motorcycle on and off the bike, you don't want cold hands gripping the grips of your bike. A snug fit keeps hands warm and comfortable throughout the ride.

If possible, get a pair of insulated, double-layered winter motorcycle gloves with motorized insulated gripper bands. These heated grips let you keep your hands warm even on the hottest days. Another added bonus of insulated gloves is the extra warmth they provide for your other hand. Gloves with heated grips are an excellent investment that will last you a long time.