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Top three car features that will save you money

Buying a new car can significantly damage your budget. But, if you are cautious enough, then you can even save some money on this purchase. To help you out, we have combined a list of things you should review, before you start this process.

Engine size and type

Depending on your preferences, choosing a model that has a smaller engine, can lower a car’s price at the dealership and the insurer. For instance, bigger engines use more gas and have lower MPG, which can be a significant factor for many car drivers. Also, bigger engines are more powerful, making them glue for accidents.

This is one of the reasons why insurers charge extra for their services. So, if you are looking for ways to save money, then you should select a smaller engine. On the other hand, demanding drivers should choose the type based on their needs. Sometimes, if you are driving on a demanding terrain, then smaller engine won’t be enough to satisfy your requirements.

Adaptive cruise control

Adaptive cruise control

Cruise control isn’t a feature that’s designed for lazy drivers. In most cases, it can decrease the fuel usage, saving you money in this process. When you are driving on an open road, cruise control prevents you from overstepping the speed.

You will have a continuous and steady ride, without stepping on brakes all the time. The advanced systems can detect the speed of the vehicles ahead, adjusting your ride to a safe level. This means you are less likely to have to break aggressively in case you fail to predict the speed of the vehicle in front.

Start-stop technology

Start-stop technology

Another feature that helps you reduce the fuel consumption and money and Start-Stop system. Every time you keep your engine running, when not driving, is a massive waste of gas. This technology detects when you have stopped and shut down the engine automatically.

You don’t have to restart your engine again because the feature can restart again, once you release the brake. Ford pioneered this technology, and they go one step forward, shutting the engine off whenever the vehicle comes to a full stop.